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The true beginning to our project is on the page titled "Introduction" and it is recommended that readers begin there.  The project is divided into four distinct time periods: 1945-1953, 1953-1964, 1964-1990, and 1990-Present. On the top of the page, these four time periods are listed. By clicking on one of them, you are taken to the introductory page for that period. Within some time periods, there are links to additional sections describing points of interest in the development of historical memory at that time along the time. While reading through the site itself, there are pictures and links provided that will be referenced in the text. To enlarge a picture or go to a link, just click on it to see the item's additional information.

Recently Added Items

Department of State, Office of Intelligence Research, Intelligence Report 5775

Report detailing the current amount of POW's and civilian detainees held by either the ROK or the North Koreans in 1952.see more

Report to the National Security Council 73/2, "The Position and Actions of the United States With Respect to Possible Further Soviet Moves in the Light of the Korean Situation"

A report created by a security council detailing the most likely future soviet actions and the appropriate American response in and around Korea.see more


1953 U.S. Army training film TF 30-2562 Resist (partial - 1st third only)
"Methods used by the enemy to indoctrinate POW's; ways in which the…see more