Army Nurse Corps And WMSC Activities Seoul, Korea

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Army Nurse Corps And WMSC Activities Seoul, Korea


Korean War


Seq: group of young nurse replacements arrive at K-16 airfield. VS, nurses alighting from Globemaster (C-124) to be greeted by Senior Army nurse. Seq: (INT), Army nurse anesthetist checking anesthesia apparatus during operation; patient's head, in right fg. Operating room studies showing South Korean surgeon at work assisted by Korean nurses and South Korean technicians. CU, surgical nurse passing instruments to doctor assisting surgeon. CU, group of South Korean doctors in white caps, masks, and gowns during operation on actual patient. Seq: American Army nurse checking blood plasma apparatus of South Korean patient. MS, group of South Korean soldier patients relaxing and smoking in hospital yard. MLS, two South Korean patients ping-pong in hospital yard as Korean orderlies and an American soldier watch game. CU, Korean nurse and off-duty soldier observing ping-pong game. Seq: (INT), two American Army doctors prepare patient for operation in operating theatre. CU, Army nurse handing scissors, scalpel and other instruments to surgeons as he commences operation. CU, surgeon as he applies instruments to wound


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Department of Defense


November 11, 1954




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