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Report detailing the current amount of POW's and civilian detainees held by either the ROK or the North Koreans in 1952.

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Report detailing the most likely course of events if America withdrew all its forces from Korea in Spring of 1949.

Why we went to war in korea.pdf
Details the entry of the U.S. to the Korean war in June 1950. Background on the start of the war; U.S. officials who gathered at the State Department after receiving a telegram about the war; Role of General Douglas MacArthur in the war.

What we must do in Korea.pdf
Reports on the impact of resisting communism on the lives of Koreans in Seoul, Korea during the Korean War in 1951. Assistance provided by U.S. soldiers to war-affected Korean civilians; Role of the United Nations in post-war rehabilitation; Problems…

Jackson 3. Our Aim in Korea.png
Reflects on reports that U.S. soldiers did not know what they were fighting for in Korea. Lack of action being done by Defense Secretary Louis Johnson on a report on morale building from the Committee on Religion and Welfare in the Armed Services;…

Jackson 2. Korea No Triumph.png
The article comments on the implication of the end of the Korean War for the U.S. and for the United Nations. According to the author, the U.S.'s effort to win the war against communist China has been defeated for its strategic interest has been vied…

PDF of an article published in the Saturday Evening Post detailing the feelings of Americans on the war in Korea during the war.

A letter from a family member of a soldier who died in Korea.
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