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Report detailing the current amount of POW's and civilian detainees held by either the ROK or the North Koreans in 1952.

1953 U.S. Army training film TF 30-2562 Resist (partial - 1st third only)
"Methods used by the enemy to indoctrinate POW's; ways in which the captured soldier can resist communist collaboration."

Army nurses.png
Seq: group of young nurse replacements arrive at K-16 airfield. VS, nurses alighting from Globemaster (C-124) to be greeted by Senior Army nurse. Seq: (INT), Army nurse anesthetist checking anesthesia apparatus during operation; patient's head, in…

the big picture.png
An Army officer describes the war and its effects on the training within the U.S. Army.

Veterans Day poster from 1999

Veterans Day poster

Koje-Do Island POW Camp - Korea - 1952.jpg
Image from with a POW Camp

the supreme sacrafice placard.jpg
A picture of a Korean War memorial placard.

Picture of the Korean War monument in Washington D.C.

U.S. marines on Hungnam Beach, 1950. Sixty years later, the U.S. still maintains a huge troop presence in South Korea

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